Two more Filipinos found luck in the weekly draw of Emirates Loto winning Dh500,000 (Php 6,781,309) each during the eleventh draw last June 27 when they matched five out of six numbers.

43-year-old Mariser Alibudbud Jarumayan, a single mom of three, whose now also taking care of her three grandsons said that winning is indeed a blessing since she once only read about how other fellow Filipinos found their luck through Emirates Loto.

nother fellow Filipino mother, 35-year-old Jinkhie Solomon Gallarzan, also bagged part of the huge Dh2 million rollover from Emirates Loto. In her 14 years of working in the UAE as a senior technical administrator, Gallarzan shared that she was filled with excitement when she checked that many of her numbers matched with that of the winning combination.


“When I checked the winning number combinations my heart started pounding because I knew they were mine. Even though I regularly enter cash and raffle draws, I’ve never before won and I was in total shock and disbelief”, said Gallarzan.

Barry Dwyer a 28-year-old chemistry teacher who resides in Abu Dhabi took home the money as he shared the Dh2 million rollover prize with three other lucky people in Emirates Loto’s eleventh draw held last weekend.

A resident of the UAE for five years, Dwyer is the first Irish national to win with Emirates Loto.

“I am absolutely thrilled but I feel very lucky, no one ever actually believes something like this can happen to them. At first when I got the email to let me know that I’d won a prize I thought maybe it was a small, unnoticeable amount. When I logged in and saw all the zeros I was in total shock. I am still in shock now,” said Dwyer.

Those who missed out on this week’s draw, can buy Emirates Loto collectable(s) and choose to opt-in to the draw by selecting six numbers from one to forty-nine. Players can register from home via the Emirates Loto website or mobile app. The next draw will be held on July 4, Saturday at 9 pm.