Kathmandu. The pre-allotment of Chandragiri Hills Limited is scheduled to take place on Wednesday.Parasmani Dhakal, CEO of Global IME Capital, the share issuer and sales manager, informed that the prelude to the IPO of Chandragiri Hills Limited is going to take place today. “We have tried to distribute Chandragiri’s IPO next Friday evening. If not, we are preparing to do it on Saturday morning,”

Chandragiri Hills had issued 1,534,091 shares at the face value of Rs 100 to the public in the second phase from December 8 to 9. Out of the total, 61,364 shares, which will be 4 percent, have been reserved for the employees and 76,705 shares, which will be 5 percent, have been distributed in the collective investment fund. The general public has applied for the remaining 1.396 million.

In the IPO, 1,251,010 applicants have applied for 2,44,74,530 lots. This is 17.53 times more than the demand. On this basis, 139,602 applicants will get shares at the rate of 10 lots. The hands of the remaining 1.11 million are seen to be empty.