Dubai: Emirates Loto have settled the near Dh30,000 hospital bill of a Filipina driver who suffered a brain aneurysm in Dubai, Gulf News has learnt.

The story of 59-year-old Gloria Mendoza Castillo – a driving instructor who lives in Ajman.

On June 2 she suffered an aneurysm which resulted in the abnormal widening of the brain, and required surgery.

However, she could not settle the hospital bill on her salary of Dh1,500 alone.

On Saturday, Emirates Loto invited Castillo’s nephew Vincent Barnes to the draw and announced that they would cover his auntie’s treatment.

“I am so grateful for the all the love I received,” said Gloria. “I have lived in the UAE for over 30 years, this country is home to me. People have showered their love and I am so grateful for this. I guess when you do good for others it comes back to you,” she added of her own efforts to help others over the years since moving here in the 1980s.

Gloria’s nephew Vincent said, “For 30 years my aunt has lived overseas away from home on a mission to help her friends and family, and it seems just so unfair that this tragedy has happened. She has been such a hero for all of our family, I only hope that she will make a rapid recovery.”

Paul Sebestyen, CEO of Emirates Loto said, “Emirates Loto supported Gloria Castello’s case by finalising her hospital bill. We also welcomed Vincent Barnes to the live draw on Saturday 20 to announce our support to Gloria Castello’s case.”

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