Internationally renowned DJ and Instagram influencer Charlie Sloth surprised netizens with a now-viral photo after he posted a bill that amounted to AED 1 million.

The DJ had racked up the huge spending in one night at a luxury hotel in Dubai ordering a mix of finger food and several bottles of spirits.

“When flexing and showing off goes wrong…  MILLION AED,” the DJ jokingly posted on his Instagram.

Then he quipped: “Do you do credit?”

Among his orders with expensive price tags are bottles of Ace of Spade Rose, amounting to AED469,680. It covered nearly half of his entire expenditure. He also had some bottles of Ace of Spade 3L rose at AED201,880, Belvedere (6 bottles for AED15,000), as well as several more food items such as wagyu tacos, shrimp cocktail, and salads.

As of posting time, his photo has garnered over 40,000 likes with over 1,500 comments.

Nevertheless, DJ Sloth seems to have an unrivaled experience in the luxury hotel.

Here’s his official post: